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A lot of people love Windows Spotlight Feature on Windows 10. The best part of the feature is the beautiful pictures on the Windows Lockscreen. The pictures source is from Bing Images. Some Windows users make the pictures to a wallpaper. Because of the pictures of windows spotlight is very interesting. But one picture is never enough. The picture of Windows Spotlight is changing every day. Sometimes it shows a beautiful landscape, sometimes it shows the unique habit of the animal and much more. If you not satisfied with the only one picture on the spotlight features. And want more picture on that spotlight topic, you can use the Like What You See Features.

Like What You See Features
Like What You See Features

What is ‘Like What You See’ on the Windows Spotlight

This feature is an additional feature on the Windows Spotlight. This feature will show you a Bing search engine after you log in to your computer. On the Bing search engine, there will show many fun fact and information about that day spotlight pictures. If you want more picture of that topic, you can browse more picture on the Bing Images. So you will get not just once the picture, but a lot of beautiful pictures. Usually, Bing Images restrict the pictures only for wallpaper use. You can’t use it for another use.

Quiz Features

If you use the Like What You SeeĀ features, you can also get more features. That is Windows Spotlight Quiz. This is the part of Microsoft Reward Quiz. You can earn some points when you take this quiz. The good news is you can redeem the points to a reward. Gift cards and sweepstakes are the most favorites reward, but you can also redeem the point to a donation. You can also redeem it to a big prize game such as scratch and win.

Not a Fan Features

Whether the Like What You See features provide additional info and fun fact about the pictures. Not a Fan is the opposite features. If you want to skip the information and just want to log in to your computer, you can click on the Not a Fan Features. Or you just simply log in to the computer without clicking on any features on the Windows Spotlight.

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