Lightspeed Quiz | Biggest Microsoft Reward Points Quiz | 40 Points

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Are you search for the biggest quiz on Microsoft Rewards? Lightspeed quiz is the answer. While Windows Spotlight Quiz can earn 5 points daily, this quiz can earn 40 Microsoft Reward Points. Yes, your reward points will increase dramatically. If you want to reach 200 points to redeem rewards, so you can take this quiz to reach it fast. There are so many gift cards, sweepstakes and more stuff on the rewards. Each reward has a minimum point to redeem. The minimum reward points are 0 for sweepstakes. But 0 point sweepstake is so rare. Usually, the sweepstakes need 200 points. You can also redeem the points to gift cards, it starts from 200 points.

Furry Friends Quiz | Animal Topic | Earn 30 Microsoft Rewards Points

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Furry Friend Quiz is a fast way to increase your Microsoft Rewards points. This quiz is not only easy to play but can earn 30 Reward Points. You can read on what is Microsoft Reward Points here. So if you have a Microsoft Account, it’s not only about Microsoft Support and News. You can earn some stuff on this account. You can redeem the point to sweepstakes, merchant gift cards and even to a donation.

Furry Friend Quiz Topic

This quiz has an animal topic. So the question is all about the animal. If you love animal, it will be easy to answer the question. Furthermore, you can increase your animal knowledge. Because in every choice of the questions, you will get the additional information and a fun fact about the animal.

Turbocharge Quiz | Microsoft Reward Quiz | Earn 30 Points

Turbocharge Quiz

How many Microsoft Reward Points do you have? still thousands? Try to increase your points by taking many Microsoft Reward Quiz. The most popular quiz is Windows Spotlight Quiz. You can take this quiz daily. Because you can take the quiz daily, so your points will increase faster. After you reach your target points, you can redeem your desired gift. Microsoft provides so many gifts on this feature. You can also redeem the points to donate to nonprofit organizations. The first thing you have to do is get a Microsoft Account. Then start collecting rewards points as much as you can. Then check your points are they meet the gift minimum point. You can also take the Microsoft Reward Sweepstakes. There are so many interesting sweepstakes with a big prize.

Bing Warpspeed Quiz | Earn 30 Microsoft Reward Points

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There is good news about Microsoft Accounts, you can earn Microsoft reward points. By these points, you can redeem it to sweepstakes. Donate to a lot of NGO and Social Organizations. You can also use the points to shop on Microsoft Store. The best part is you can also redeem it to many kinds of gift cards. Such as Walmart, Dunkin Donuts, Starbucks, Burger King, and much more.

How to Earn Microsoft Reward Points

Then how to get those points? Its very simple to get Microsoft Reward Points. The very basic step to get the points is to do a search on the Bing search engine. You can also take many Microsoft quiz to get extra points. The first and popular quiz is windows spotlight quiz.