Bing Search App for Android | Earn Reward Points on Android Device

If you don’t know about the Windows Spotlight Quiz and the Microsoft Rewards Programs. You can follow the links to get more information about the quiz. If you already know and want to earn more points on the programs, you can install the Bing Search App. The Bing Search app is the Search Engine app for Android Device. By this app, you can search anything over the internet. The advantages of this app are the Bing Snapshots Feature. This is a Google “Now on Tap” competitor.

Bing Search App
Bing Search App on Google Playstore

Basically this app is Android Internet Browser such as Google Chrome, Opera, Safari, Mozilla Firefox and much more. But the difference is this browser came with the Bing search engine as the default. So if you search anything on this browser, the Bing will provide you the search results.

Microsoft Rewards Program

The best part of the Bing Search Engine is you can earn Microsoft Rewards Program points whenever you search on the Bing. The points will be accumulated on your Microsoft accounts. On this program, you can redeem the points to any kind of rewards. You can redeem the points to a gift card, sweepstakes, charity and much more. To take this program, you must have Microsoft Account. If you don’t have one, you can read on How to Create Microsoft Accounts.

How to Install Bing Search App

Installing this application is very easy. Because this app is an official app, you can download it on Google Play Store. If you want to install this app on the iOS-based devices such as iPhone, iPad and more, you can download it on the App Store. Simply download the app from the official store, and follow the installation instructions.

Microsoft Account on Bing Search App

After installing the App, you can start to earn the Microsoft Rewards Points. Just log in to the app using your Microsoft Account. Use the app to search anything over the internet, in every search you do, you will get points. The points will be the same both of searching on the mobile device and the desktop/laptop/PC. The more you do a search, the more points you will get. Then you can redeem the points to the rewards you desire.

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