Bing News Quiz

Do you want to collect more Microsoft Reward Points? Try this quiz: Bing News Quiz. This is a weekly quiz on Bing page. This quiz will provide 10 reward points. The quiz is about viral news over the week. So if you always up to date, you will take this quiz easily.

Bing News Quiz
Bing News Quiz

The Questions

The questions are about the viral news that happening and happened throughout the world. It can be from different countries and region. Don’t be worry about the wrong choice. If you got wrong, the point is still the same. Furthermore, there is some additional info on each answer. So you can increase your knowledge by taking this quiz.

The Best Part of the Quiz

Bing create the news quiz apparently to increases the visitors into the search engine. As fun as the weekly news quiz is, it also can bring you free stuff. For example, when you taking the quiz, you will earn Microsoft Reward Points. You can redeem the points to any kinds of stuff such as gift cards, sweepstakes and more. To play the quiz, you must have a Microsoft Account. If you don’t have, you can read on how to create Microsoft Account.

How to Take the Quiz

It is very simple to take this quiz. Below is the full step on how to take the Bing News Quiz:

  1. Open your internet browser (edge, chrome, firefox, safari, etc.) it’s preferred to use edge browser.
  2. Go to by typing on the address bar.
  3. Log in to Microsoft Account, the login link is on the top of the screen.

    Sign In Microsoft Account
    Sign In Microsoft Account
  4. On the bing search, type Bing News Quiz.
  5. There will appear some questions on the top of the page.
  6. Start to answer the questions.
  7. After finishing the questions, you have the results. How much the right answers, and the wrong answers.
  8. Your points will be added to your accounts. You can check it on your account profile.

Limited Region and Country

The bad news is this quiz is only limited in some Countries and Region. So if your region and country do not support the quiz, then the quiz would not appear. This quiz will work in the United States, Canada, UK, and other countries.

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