Bing Education Quiz | Earn 10 Points

Bing Education Quiz will test your education knowledge. As it names, the quiz questions are about education in the world. There are plenty of facts you can get when you take the quiz. This quiz will show you some facts in every question. Whatever the results, you can earn 10 Microsoft Rewards points by taking this quiz. So if you have Microsoft Account and want to earn more Reward Points, this quiz is the answer. But if you want more points, you can take the Windows Spotlight Quiz.

Bing Education Quiz
Bing Education Quiz

How to Take the Quiz?

Taking this quiz is very easy, all you have to do is open the Bing Search. Then on the search box, type “Bing Education Quiz”. That is! very simple step. You can use both the mobile and desktop versions of the Bing search. When you use the desktop, it recommends using the Edge browser.

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